• EI26SS55GB
    (Refrigerators - Side-by-Side)

    4.2 / 5.0  ( 6 reviews )

    Put your food storage concerns on ice with this refrigerator's easy-to-use IQ-Touch temperature controls, 3 Luxury-Design glass fresh-food shelves and ample door storage. Electrolux side-by-side refrigerator comes with Luxury-Design Formed-Glass Shelving and Lighting. The shelving system features Luxury-Glide slide-out, formed-glass shelves that are as beautiful as they are functional. Fully extendable glides offer convenience and ease of use. Luxury-Design Lighting features tri-level, ultrawhite, shadowless interior lighting, premium ramp-up lighting that gently increases from soft to full intensity. PureAdvantage Ice, Water and Air filtration systems offer total filtration for your refrigerator. Convenient access to the top shelf allows filters to be changed easily. Luxury-Glide crispers smoothly glide out and keep produce fresh with adjustable humidity control and minimal temperature variation.